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700mL Small Batch #4 - 2010 Reserve  |  $1899.00



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Small Batch #4 - 2010 Reserve

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Batch #4 - Bottled 2010 June

Batch Released - 500 bottles only

Once a year we put aside a single barrel of our best barrel strength Canefire Rum at roughly 80% ACL. Instead of cutting it down with water, as we do for Canefire & Backburn, we use a blend of Swan Valley Port with a variety of fortified; & hence Small Batch is born.

Small Batch, as the name suggests, is a limited run of only 500 bottles per batch. Each run is blended down to a flat 40% ACL with a different combination of fortified to ensure each batch is unique in flavour, colour & texture.

Batch Notes:

A very soft barrel of rum cut with Highway Wines White Port & Frontignac. The spirit has a typically Frontignac nose of roses & lychees. The delicate flavours of this classic wine leaves the palette quickly to be left with the caramel, vanilla tones of the rum. This bar far is the smoothest of all the batches to date.

700mL Small Batch #4 - 2010 Reserve  |  $1899.00



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