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700ml Small Batch 18  |  Sold Out

Small Batch 18

Batch #18 - Bottled 10th October 2023

Batch Released - 480 bottles only

Once a year we put aside a two small barrels of our best barrel strength Canefire rum.

Instead of cutting it down with water, as we do for our other Rums, we use a carefully selected blend of Port from the lush surrounds of the Swan Valley, Western Australia.

Small Batch, as the name suggests, is a limited batch of about 500 bottles per batch.

Each batch is blended down to a flat 40% ACL with a different combination of fortified to ensure each batch is truly unique.

Batch #18 Notes: 10 YR Rum, 13 YR aged Tokay

Small Batch #18 is blended from 2 renewed and charred oak barrels.

These barrels were stored at floor level so the angels got very little. It was cold racked and then hand bottled.

This is a very friendly drink. The long aging has produced a really delicate sipping spirit.

Toffee notes on the nose. Very bright at the front of the pallet with a gorgeous silky honey feel and taste.

As one of the longest aged of our Small Batches this is a joy on the back of the pallet with residual oak notes.

Add a few drops of water or a block of ice to get the other subtle flavours.

700ml Small Batch 18  |  Sold Out